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What men must have in their grooming Kits: Men’s Grooming Tips

What men must have in their grooming Kits: Men’s Grooming Tips

  • What men must have in their grooming Kits: Men’s Grooming Tips
What men must have in their grooming Kits: Men’s Grooming Tips

What men must have in their grooming Kits: Men’s Grooming Tips

17 Sep 2019

Grooming is as much important to a man as it is to a woman. In today’s date, stigmas associated with men being concerned about their grooming requirements doesn’t stand as anything bothersome. They’re not stigmas, and shouldn’t be.

The modern man’s grooming needs don’t just cover his hands or feet, but other parts of his existence as well. His overall appearance and personality will impact the people he mingles around with.

Read more about the top 10 men’s grooming products that no man should do without in their grooming kits.

  1.  Products to Style Hair
    Hair is an important aspect of a man’s presence. Most men are suckers of the modern hairstyle but they run out of ideas about which products (gels, waxes, anti-frizz spays and stuff) to use to get the best results. They might end up opting the not-so-good products that might ruin their style (and hair as well). Go with the best choice you get. Read the reviews, ask your friends if they’ve used the product and proceed only when it gives the best results. Never test with any mediocre hair care items.
  2. Shaving Kit
    What would it make if the modern man doesn’t carry a shaving kit with him? He’s modern after all! Therefore, it is highly essential to keep a good shaving kit all the time. If the man is comfortable with using electric shaving kit, he must have a compact version for sure in the grooming kit. If a man suits well with manual shaving, he must keep a good foam, cruelty-free shaving brush (because the modern man is caring) and of course a sharp safety razor in the kit. It doesn’t mean someone shouldn’t cling to both the options. The idea is to keep a good shaving kit handy. Because a two-day-old stubble may be good for some Hollywood shots, not the regular glimpse to the boss.
  3. Hair Trimmer
    It is a part of the shaving kit but does much more than that. Invest in a good electric trimmer. They come extremely handy for the last-minute touch-ups. Say, you’re hurrying to a meeting and suddenly notice some irregular hairs popping from your sideburns. A trimmer can save you from being anything less than prim and proper. If you’re a mustache or beard keeper, it will come extremely handy. Also, if you want to groom any specific areas of your body, you might as well do the same with a trimmer.
  4. A Bottle of Great Shower Gel
    Shower gel elevates a bathing experience, and that is exactly a man deserves before he is out to work and after he is back. Whereas soap is good, tried and tested, but once you’ll use a good shower gel, you’ll probably not get back to the ordinary soap. Get a good, foaming, exfoliating (if you desire) shower gel to get a much better, relaxed and soothing bathing experience.
  5. Face Wash
    A modern man simply can’t do without a great face wash in his grooming kit. Get a good cleansing gel or face wash that suits your skin. Choose wisely depending on your skin type. If you have oily skin, you might want to invest in an anti-acne product. Washing your face with a good wash improves skin texture and look, something imperative. Amid a busy day, after a long commute, washing your face can prevent breakouts. Don’t just get any face wash, opt for the organic and natural ones that are free from chemicals.
  6. Deodorant
    Like face wash, a man shouldn’t do without a good deodorant. Whereas, arguably, the own body scent can be a turn on to opposite sex and so on, but that might not be the case throughout the day. Thanks to precipitation. You wouldn’t want to bet on your body smell in the later hours of the day, would you? Hence a good deodorant is a must-have.
  7. Scrub
    Scrubbing is more essential than you may perceive it to be. Your body’s scrubbing needs might be met with an exfoliating body wash, but for your face, there has to be a facial scrub handy in your grooming kit. Use it twice a week to keep dead skins away from your face. Scrubs can also help with in-grown hair. So a scrub should be checked.
  8. Lip Balm
    You’re not gonna go to a meeting by applying a thick lotion or crème on your lips, would you? They are old day tactics. You might use your favorite method, but that is not for the office or workplace look. Hence a product specific to your lips. Get a good men’s lip balm. It can greatly help with dried and chapped lips, giving you comfort and confidence. If you keep well-groomed beard and then have a properly moisturized lips, it will immensely improve your overall looks. Men’s lip balms are usually not tinted and are designed to prevent shine, hence resent assured it won’t look weird.
  9. Moisturizer and Sunscreen
    Don’t ever underestimate the power of a good moisturizer. Women often keep a bottle as a part of their lives, and that is for very good reasons. Dry skin doesn’t look appealing and a moisturizer exactly helps you with that. In the same way don’t play with the sun, especially the noon sun. Man, woman, anybody is extremely vulnerable to the harmful effect of the sun’s UVA and UVB rays. Keep a good sunscreen handy, especially if your work is outdoors. Get a spay-type if you desire, it can be even more accessible and handy.

Well, agree or not, men often tend to forget clipping their nails. Maybe at the last hours, you notice your nails could have been groomed. So make you that you can make ‘could have been’ a ‘is’ groomed. Keep a nail clipper in your grooming kit always.   

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