Here is what our candidates have to say out our services. Our business is based on the positive feed back from our customers and referral candidates. You might also like to read our media mentions here as a Popular Image makeover consultant in Delhi NCR.


Dr Amita Arora
Senior Homeopathy Physician, Gurgaon

Meeting Nidhi Jagtiani was a wonderful experience. I always like to wear good clothes and experiment with colours. Dilemma was what suits best on me. Nidhi gave me ample of her time and she devotes her attention to an individual. She gives the comfort to understand body type and never discourages a body type. She provided me good solutions as to what to wear and how to wear. A visit to her has changed me. Now I purchase wisely and thinks about all the points she has advised me. I can't change in a day but started implementing her advises. Thanks Nidhi for everything.

Maheshwari Jani
Certified NLP Coach and Corporate Trainer., Gurgaon

Nidhi is very professional and analytical in her approach and perfectly understands what is required by the client . I have attended her workshop on: Body shapes . She is indeed wonderful facilitator and has immense knowledge on the subject . I personally thank Nidhi to guide me , let me redefine my personal style and knowledge she shared with me . I wish her great journey ahead . Keep learning and keep transforming life of people around .

Deepti Arora
Founder of Deliver Delights (Healthy Food), Gurgaon

What could a woman wish for ... a gorgeous image !! I was also looking for ... Nidhi Jagtiani has made my dream come true ... Sure now for styles , colours, fabrics and many more things ... Thanks a bunch for all your efforts and for being a wonderful friend.. Cheers Deepti !!

Sharmila Kaur
Home Maker, South Close Gurgaon

Nidhi's scientific approach made me understand my Body Shape, Face Shape,Color Scheme. The big help now is that I do not get tempted to buy everything just because I like it in the shop or someone else is wearing it. Now I can wear most of the styles which enhance my plus point that indirectly cover my flaws without compromising on comfort level. Nidhi has also given me lots of options of various shops where I can find suitable clothing. She has also given me written material for future reference and is available in case if we need some help in the future.Her approachable nature was a great advantage Thanks to Nidhi,

Kavita Gulati Rahman
Consumer insight Manager, Oriflame

Nidhi Jagtiani provided me immense knowledge on how important it is to have one's personal style and essential to look perfect everyday. Expressing one's individuality in a right way can help a person achieve his/her personal as well as professional goals. Nidhi has the expertise and ability to go the core individual needs when it comes to personal style, lifestyle or managing image in a social scenario. At last I would like to say that Nidhi and she is extremely professional in her approach, full of knowledge and has the ability to provide solution to one's image related problems.

Swati Jain
Ladies Boutique Owner, Gurgaon

I was very confused with my dressing style and was keen for a makeover, which I use to see on Television Shows. I use to wonder will it really be a change for people like us or it is just for models only. I would like to thank Nidhi for bringing the change in me. Nidhi helped me to bring the best in me. This improved my confidence which I had lost for a while, it's like my rebirth. I thank her from my heart that she not only changed the way I look at myself but also how others look at me. Overall I am very pleased with my look. I thank Nidhi a lot for bringing this change in me as well as finding such a good friend for life.