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Styling, Confidence Building & Image Makeover for Would be Brides

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Styling, Confidence Building & Image Makeover for Would be Brides

Many times concerned and often worried parents approach us with one or more of these problems:

  1. My daughter is nervous at marriage interviews.
  2. My girl is scared about the whole marriage thing.
  3. I wish to be more presentable when meeting my future life partner.
  4. Our girl has a tomboy type of personality and needs a feminine touch with personal style.
  5. We have moved to Gurgaon, Delhi recently and our daughter lacks the confidence to face suitors.

The reason for these problems often lies in lack of confidence. The simple solution to these complex issues is boosting a girl's self-confidence by addressing the causes that create insecurities.

Here are the most common insecurities what build a negative self-image or erode a girl's confidence in herself.

  1. I am not beautiful enough
  2. I am too bulky / too skinny.
  3. What do I say to a stranger at the marriage interview?
  4. I should have worn the other outfit.
  5. The makeup is probably too much, what is he going to think.
  6. many more issues like the above.

We address insecurities like these individually for each client. We understand that everyone has a different personality and therefore different problem. We make sure you know how to dress correctly for the occasion; how to strike the right chord and start/join a conversation; how to apply makeup that makes you confident and not too self-conscious. We also counsel you about the whole marriage and relationship system and empower you to face marriage interviews with ease.

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