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Personal Fashion Stylist and Grooming Consultants in Bareilly

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If you reside in Bareilly and are looking for an image makeover for yourself, relatives, or friends, we can be your personal stylist and provide you with grooming, styling, and soft skill improvement services. We are India’s leading Fashion Stylists who understand regional conduct and state of mind and can help you blend these elements with corporate or Indian ethnic requirements impeccably. Led by Nidhi Jagtiani, our makeover team is experienced enough to accomplish all your transformation needs.

Career and social oriented women in Bareilly are our special customers. We also have college students from Bareilly College, Mahatma Jyotiba Phule Rohilkhand University, Maharaja Agrasen College, Future Institute, etc. Many students from these colleges also approach us for image makeovers and interview skill training.

Given the COVID19 situation, we have also brought our service for Bareilly on online platforms. Now, you can get personal fashion advice from experts through online video conferencing apps. The experts will join you from Delhi and you can have a detailed discussion with them seamlessly through most online vc platforms. We support Zoom, Google Meet, WebEx, WhatsApp, Skype, and other similar platforms.

Takeaways from the Virtual Image Enhancement Classes - What do you learn?

  • Image makeover for the 'New You'
    Get to know your body type, face shape, best colors and look your 'BEST'
  • Personal Grooming Sessions
  • Confidence Building and Personality Development
  • Interview Etiquette Training to get selected in a job interview
  • Business and Professional Etiquette Training
  • Communication skills training
  • Improving your Body Language sessions
  • Make up classes for all your occasions
    • Party/Glitter/Smoky Night look
    • Simple Day look
    • Office Make up look
    • Sagai/Cocktail/Sangeet/Mehndi makeup look also available (can be taught or can be done)
  • Other Soft Skills Training such as selling skills, customer service skills, negotiation skills, time management, business communication skills also available
‘New You’

Professional Wardrobe Stylist
Bridal Grooming

Who can benefit from our services?

Instant Image Makeover for 'Super Busy Girls'

Office Going Professionals (Men & Women)

If you are into sales or if you seek promotion to higher management positions in your current organization and you feel your current personality needs enhancement this program is for you. If you can present yourself better you can drive better sales or influence / motivate people better to achieve better results for your company.

Would-be Brides and Grooms

If you are about to get into a marital relationship and are worried about your personal styling, body shape, soft skills for the new life, time, and stress management then this for you. Get over your shyness and learn to communicate better.

Entrepreneurs & Business Owners

The new cult of startups and entrepreneurship demands huge interpersonal skills, fashionable outlook, business etiquettes, etc that can make or break your business deals or funding campaigns. Be on top of your competition as an efficient leader.

Students and Job Seekers

Our sessions are massively popular with educational institutes for student stress & time management, self presentation and confidence building.

We provide services for Brides and Grooms at two levels:

  1. Preparing for marriage meetings. We work on your confidence, shyness, and body language to make you feel more put together for these meetings and present your best. The fear of rejection seems like an illusion.
  2. At level two we work on your clothes, colors, pre-bridal skincare, hair care for both men and women for your 'BIG DAY'
    We help you with your 'Trousseau planning and selection'. You don't need to take any pains about it and we do all of this in your budget
Instant Image Makeover for 'Super Busy Girls'



Success Stories in Before and After Photos

‘New You’
‘New You’
‘New You’
‘New You’

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