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Image Management Program

Image Management Programs

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Image redefined provides 4 clearly defined Image Makeover and Personality Development programs for different candidates. We understand that requirements for Image consulting & personality development vary from person to person.

When dealing with corporate groups, creative teams, business development departments or student groups we customize our sessions to match the exact needs of the audience. This enables our candidates to learn fashion, presentation, and soft skills more effectively and implement them better in their lives to achieve higher success.

Here are some other specific training programs for soft skills, grooming, interview preparation, wedding preparation etc that might interest you.

  1. Professional Grooming Training ( Both men and women)
  2. Wedding Preparation - Grooming, Dressing, Physical Attriutes correction, Mental Preparation, Cooking Skills and much more

If you are not sure which program fits your requirement please feel free to contact us and we shall advise you the right solution.

View our trainer profiles for an easy and clear understanding of our capabilities for each type of training offered.
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