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Professional Styling for Corporate Men & Entrepreneurs, Mens Grooming Consultant

Corporate Grooming for Men, Professional Styling for Businessmen

Corporate Grooming for Men, Professional Styling for Businessmen If you seek a personal stylist to understand your requirements to get to the next level in the corporate ladder or to bring you better results in business deals and negotiations, we give your Image Redefined. Led by one of the most popular and leading Image Consultants in Delhi NCR - Nidhi Jagtiani, Image Redefined gives men in higher management positions, entrepreneurs, business leaders, business development executives and aspiring management professionals the required grooming, etiquette, styling, soft skills etc required to achieve the next level of success in your professional lives.

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Services offered Under Personal Styling for Corporate Men

  1. Corporate Grooming for Men, Professional Styling for BusinessmenPower Dressing
    In the business world or professional circles people have very limited time and therefore you have limited time to catch their attention and leave a lasting impression. Opinions are formed in 3-5 seconds your dressing is the most important thing that gets noticed. We help you get an edge over others in a corporate gathering with a custom suggestion on formal patterns, styles & silhouettes and colors and how to carry the same to have your own personal style statement. Ultimately, you become adept at the use of international style scales and effectively use them in your corporate attires.
  2. Body Shape Evaluation
    This segment is all about understanding your body shape and learning how to build a positive self-image and feel confident about your physical look. You learn what type of clothes would look good on you and what should you avoid at your workplace and business meeting. Suggestions will be given for Trouser styles, Shirt fittings, Blazers styles and Casual T-shirts
  3. Color Analysis
    In this segment, you get a customized color palette suggestion for your clothing and accessories. You learn what colors would suit your personality, what colors to avoid and how to combine colors from your personalized color palette. Get professional advice regarding attires and colors to choose for different occasions which are in harmony with your skin tone and accentuate your personality. You also get accessory suggestion like shoes, belts, pocket squares, ties etc.
    Services offered Under Personal Styling for Corporate Men
    Services offered Under Personal Styling for Corporate Men
    Services offered Under Personal Styling for Corporate Men
  4. Face Shape Evaluation
    Realize your face shape and know RIGHT kind of Hairstyles, Glass Frames, Necklines, Beard choices as per your Face Shape. This gives you the best results without too much effort in trying to change your physical features. We also provide skin care and hair care tips customized to your personality in this segment.
  5. Personal Grooming and Hygiene for Men
    Most men are known to disregard or neglect personal hygiene which directly affects their personality, especially when meeting other people and in crowded situations where one can observe you closely. Choice of Perfumes, Nail Care, Skin Care, Hair Care, Image-makers, and breakers would be shared with respect to Grooming.
  6. Wardrobe Management & Personal Shopping
    The objective of wardrobe management here is to de-clutter clients wardrobe and add or remove garments as per his lifestyle, body shape, personality type & color palette. We make clusters/group of clothes to create variety and interest. The aim is to create several interesting combinations using the same set of clothes. Eventually, we create a Shopping list from above & complete the incomplete clusters or group of clothes. Wardrobe management also includes Shoes, Watches, Tie, Accessories, Wallet etc to complete your dressing. Our Stylist will accompany you on a shopping session and assist you in completing the shopping list already created within your budget.