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Sure Shot Tips for Students to crack an Interview successfully

18 Sep 2018

With thousands of students entering the job market every year, the competition for a well paying meaningful job is cut- throat. The general process of zeroing in on the right candidate involves a written test followed by a personal interview.

If you are perplexed about cracking an interview successfully, this article is for you.

Every interview session aims at understanding the candidate’s personality as well as assessing his/ her suitability for the job profile. Here are some sure shot tips to crack an interview successfully:


10 Strong Tips To Ensure Success in Your Job/Business Interview.



  1. Be well prepared: There are some generic questions usually asked during interviews. Be well prepared with proper answers for each one of them. Some of these common questions are: “Tell us about yourself”, “What are your strengths and weaknesses”, “Why did you leave your previous job”, “Why do you think we should choose you” etc.

  2. Know the employer’s requirements: Read the job description very carefully to understand the employer’s requirements and analyze how you fit the job. Having a fair idea of job requirements helps you in strategizing the way to approach the interview.

  3. Do your homework: Before any interview, do a little homework and find out a few details about the employing firm. Be well versed with their vision, mission, and history. This helps you gain brownie points with the interview board and sends them a message that you believe in being well prepared before meetings.

  4. Power dressing:   “Dress to impress but subtly”. To make your first impression impactful, dress appropriately and elegantly. Be a minimalist when it comes to dressing for the interview. Your clothes should be properly ironed, hair perfectly combed and do not go overboard with the makeup.

  5. Be punctual: Being late for an interview can adversely affect your chances of getting selected. It raises red flags and puts a question mark on your responsible behavior. To make a good first impression, always be on time.

  6. Confidence: Even if your heart is pounding and stomach churning due to anxiousness, fake confidence (in case you aren’t feeling confident from the inside). A self-assured balanced job candidate is easily distinguishable from a nervous one through body posture, body language, voice modularity etc. Sit upright, have a confident demeanor, look into the eyes of interviewer while answering questions, and keep your voice and tone well balanced to make a good impression. Keep a smiling face throughout the interview to exude positivity and confidence.       

  7. Be honest: Employers value honesty and loyalty in their workers. Always be honest with the interviewer. If you do not know the answer to any of the questions asked, admit it straight away. Do not beat around the bush trying to answer a question you have no idea about. Lying/ exaggerating about experience or education can backfire in the future and might even result in termination. Be honest on the resume as well as during the interviewer.

  8. Carry an updated CV: Your CV has the power to make or break the deal. Hence, carry a well-built CV that displays your skills, experiences and educational qualifications effectively to the employer. Remember, your CV is the first document giving an insight into your career to the employer. Make it as impressive as you can.

  9. Be assertive and display your competency: Interviews are the only time when you can manifest your achievements, talents, and strengths openly. Do not hesitate. Use innovative answers to display your potential and acknowledge weaknesses to gain authenticity. Confident demeanor, powered by talent and professional etiquette, is the sure shot way to crack interviews successfully.

  10. Ask for feedback: At the end of the interview, politely ask the interviewers for feedback and chances of getting selected (without overdoing it of course). This sends across the message that you are keen for the job, open to feedbacks and carry a progressive mindset.