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Image Redefined becomes the First Image Management Company to be featured on "Glamorous You"

11 May 2018

We are proud to announce that, Nidhi Jagtiani, Our chief image consultant, and Image Redefined have been featured on "Glamorous You" - India's leading magazine dedicated to Page 3 celebrities. This magazine caters to the audience of Delhi, NCR.
It is basically an interview with Nidhi, where the Magazine correspondent asks various questions about Image Consulting for Page 3 celebrities. One important question here is : 

Do Page 3 celebrities need image consultants?
Nidhi: People who are in limelight need them the most. They are always observed more minutely for their overall appearance, behavior, and communication - the ABC of image management. Being a "Page 3" celebrity means carrying perfect image and impressions as they are being looked upon by common people. We as image consultants aid that process for you.
It feels good when you are honored by India's Page 3 Magazine that considers you when looking to feature an Image Consultant for the first time. So probably our work speaks for us and our strong social presence in celebrity circles makes it easier to get noticed and appreciated.
Through our QA sessions, they explain what benefits and advantages a celebrity get when they have a professional Image consultant and how an Image Consultants is better than a fashion designer. Fashion is not the only factor that affects your ability to present yourself. If you look good, you feel good. But that may not be enough, you need to deal well with your confidence and behavior. 
Apart from celebrity image consulting we Image Redefined also deals in Corporate Training for Senior Level business professionals & Groupstrainings too. We also train Marketing Professionals and Students just about to complete their professional courses and face job interviews.