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6 Women’s Body Shapes - Know Your Type!

21 Sep 2021

We all have those inspiration boards, full of fabulous styles, however, you feel that you just can't pull it off. As we know, the human body comes in a variety of sizes and shapes and that is one of the characteristics that differentiate us from other beings.

We are all different and beautiful, some of us are curvy while others have wide shoulders or narrow hips. Therefore, to understand why certain things look wonderful on you and some don't, you need to have an understanding of what body type you are.

Body Shapes
1) Rectangle Body Shape

1) Rectangle Body Shape

The most common body shape among women is Rectangle, also commonly known as a straight body shape. This body type is identified by equal bust, waist, and hip measurements.

Characteristics of the Rectangle Body Shape

  • Straight shoulder line 
  • Undefined waist
  • Bust and hips are of the same width approximately
  • Straight bottom
  • Lack of curves

Styling The Rectangle Body Shape

  • Focus on defining the waist
  • Details such as Ruffles, Big collars, lace trims can create additional volume 
  • Wear well-tailored and structured clothes 
  • Stay away from oversized and shapeless clothing
2) Inverted Triangle Body Shape

2) Inverted Triangle Body Shape

The Inverted Triangle body shape is identified by broad shoulders and narrow hips, also commonly known as Athletic or Sporty body shape.The aim is to minimize the upper torso and add details and volume to the lower body.

Characteristics of the Inverted Triangle Body Shape

  • Shoulders are broader than the hip-line
  • The bust can be small to big
  • Little waist definition
  • Hips look flat as compared to the shoulders
  • Great legs

Styling The Inverted Triangle Body Shape

  • Focus on defining the lower body to create a balanced silhouette
  • De-emphasize and soften the shoulders with light-weight fabrics
  • Add curves to define the waist and add volume around the hips
  • Stay away from bold patterns near the neck and shoulder
3) Triangle Body Shape

3) Triangle Body Shape 

The Triangle body shape is identified by broad hips that are noticeably wider than the shoulders.The aim is to de-emphasize the lower torso and lead the attention upwards.

Characteristics of the Triangle Body Shape

  • Shoulders are narrow than the hip-line
  • Defined waist
  • Small bust
  • Slim arms
  • Fuller hips

Styling The Triangle Body Shape

  • Focus on shoulders to draw the attention upwards
  • Add volume on the upper body and de-emphasize the lower body
  • Wear well-fitted clothing that accentuates the waist
  • Avoid bold prints and details that draw focus on the lower body
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4) Hourglass Body Shape

4) Hourglass Body Shape

The Hourglass Body Shape is the most ideal and desired body type.This body shape is identified by approximately equal measurements of bust and hip with a narrow waistline.The aim is to accentuate the waist and reduce the fullness of the body.

Characteristics of the Hourglass Body Shape

  • Bust and hip of the same width
  • Slightly round shoulders
  • Proportionate upper and lower body
  • Defined waist
  • Rounded bottom

Styling The Hourglass Body Shape 

  • Follow body's silhouette as it is balanced naturally
  • Opt for clean clothing that doesn't clutter your figure and shows off the curvy silhouette
  • Don't draw too much attention towards shoulders and hips as it will add unnecessary heaviness
  • Stay away from the boxy styles that hide the waist
5) Oval Body Shape

5) Oval Body Shape

The Oval body shape is identified by average to large bust, wide midriff, and narrow hips.This body shape tends to appear heavy on top due to the fuller chest and undefined waist. So, the aim is to tone down the upper body and add curves and details to the lower body to achieve a balanced silhouette.

Characteristics of the Oval Body Shape

  • Fuller midsection
  • Average to big bust
  • Little to no waistline
  • Weight gains are visible in the tummy area
  • Slender and slim legs

Styling The Oval Body Shape

  • Emphasize adding the volume on the lower body
  • Keep the clothing plain and simple above the hipline
  • Opt for bright colors on the lower body to draw the attention
  • Avoid bulky clothes on the top as it adds unnecessary volume
6) Diamond Body Shape :

6) Diamond Body Shape

The Diamond body shape is identified by approximately equal measurements of shoulders and hips and a wider midsection.The aim is to minimize the midriff and emphasize the shoulders and legs. 

Characteristics of the Diamond Body Shape 

  • Fuller midsection
  • Small bust
  • Narrow shoulders
  • Narrow hipline
  • Weight gains are visible in the midriff section

Styling The Diamond Body Shape :

  • De-emphasize the wider waistline
  • Wear flowy fabrics that don't cling to the body 
  • Details or patterns should be either around the shoulder area or hem of the dress
  • Opt for mid-waist pants as low waist pants will let your stomach hanging
  • Never tuck your tops if you have a fuller midsection

So, if you don't fully grasp the technicalities of your body shape, you are not alone. In that case, you should surely book a session with a trained Image Consultant either online or in person, to learn more about your body type or your partner's body shape and how to shop for it. This will not only help you make a stronger style statement, but it will also save you money on impulsive purchases that do not flatter your figure.

Stay tuned to our blogs for more interesting content.

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