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Ryan Gosling face shape, Hair Style & Beard Shape

26 Mar 2021

Ryan Gosling Face Shape, Hairstyle, and Beard

Ryan Gosling does not need any introduction. His films and acting skill already speak volumes about him. But more than a thriving career and reputable acting chops, Ryan Gosling is famous for his looks. Let’s take a look at what makes Ryan Gosling Sexiest Man Alive consecutively (although he turned down the accolade from People’s magazine).




Face Shape and Hairstyle

 Ryan Gosling sports an all-timer oval-shaped face and sticks to a combed back crew cut hairstyle. Although oval-shaped faces go along with a variety of hairstyles (both long and short), Ryan sticks with side-parted easy to maintain style. Over the years in his career, Ryan has experimented with many hairstyles. From his unkempt and shabby look from The Notebook to brushed back hairdo in Drive, there are multiple inspirations for oval-shaped face men looking for a new hairstyle.


If you have an oval-shaped face and are looking to copy Ryan Gosling’s hairstyle, you don’t need to fret much. Any barber with some experience can easily create the Ryan Gosling hairstyle for you as long as you have the hair for it.




Ryan Gosling combines his slick hair with the classic trimmed beard and a handlebar mustache. He usually keeps his beard finely trimmed and lets it hug his jawline, approaching a sophisticated and classy look. Notably, Gosling does not have a full beard that is often attributed to masculine, rugged looks. Nevertheless, he pulls off his beard style with confidence, which makes the ladies go weak in their knees.


Ryan is the perfect inspiration for guys who can’t grow a full beard and bash themselves over it. You don’t have to have a full beard in order to look classy, as has been proved by Gosling at times and again.

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