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Kartik Aaryan Face Shape, Hair Style, & Beard Shape

26 Mar 2021

Kartik Aaryan is one of the rising stars of Bollywood. The actor is especially famous among youngsters because of his back-to-back hit movies and of course his unruly and carefree look.

The actor has been featured in some of the best fashion magazines. Let’s take a look at the main features of Kartik Aaryan, how he goes around styling himself, and what can we learn from his style.

Kartik Aaryan Face Shape and Hairstyle

Karthik Aryan Faceshape, Hairstyle and Beard Shape

Picture Credits- The Long Hairs, Celebs Update

Kartik Aaryan has what could best be described as a triangle face. His forehead is wide while his jawline is sharp and narrow, making for a perfect triangle face. A Triangle face is not too common and makes up for very sharp features. The best hairstyle for a triangle face would mostly be voluminous on top and short on sides.

Kartik Aaryan usually keeps his hair evenly short, keeping a messy hair appearance. However, you can choose to sport your own style if you have a triangle face. Since a triangle face has a prominent and narrow jawline, it makes sense to add volume on top to compliment the sharp features. 

Kartik Aaryan Beard

Kartik Aaryan has not been much experimental with the blessed full beard he possesses. We have seen him mostly either sporting a full beard or a stubble. However, if you have a triangle face, know that you have a wide variety of beard styles to choose from including side chops, goatee, and chin strap and moustache. 

If you are inspired by Kartik and want to sport a beard like him, we suggest you go with his Love Aaj Kal look

Karthik Aryan FaceShape, Hairstyle, and Beard shape

Image Courtesy- Buzzfly, Bollywood Hungama, GQ India

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