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Johnny Depp face shape, Hair Style & Beard Shape

26 Mar 2021

Johnny Depp Face Shape, Hairstyle, and Beard

Johnny Depp is one of the most inspirational celebrities when it comes to male fashion and style for men. The way Johnny dresses and carriers himself have inspired millions to work on themselves. However, in this article, we will be getting a little up close and personal and focus on Johnny Depp’s face shape, hairstyle, and his beard and what men can learn from the Pirates of the Caribbean actor.

Johnny Depp Face Shape and Hairstyle

Johnny Depp has a square face shape, which allows him to donn several different hairstyles. One of the best hairstyles for square-faced men is the undercut, where your hair is short on the sides and longer on the top. During most of his life, Johnny Depp has followed a similar hairstyle, although he does not go overboard with it but chooses to keep his hair at a moderate length. On the top, Depp keeps his mane longer to achieve a perfect pompadour look. Men with square faces can take inspiration from Johnny Depp’s undercut hairstyle for their next hairdo. The best thing about the undercut is that it can be styled in a variety of ways. You can choose to have your sides faded while keeping the upper portion relatively longer for a sharp look. You can keep your sides at a moderate length and your tops longer to have a rough look. Or you can have anything in between, as long as the rules of the undercut are complied with.



Johnny Depp Beard

Next up is the facial hair, and in this category, Johnny Depp has invented his style of the famous old goatee paired with a spectacular mustache. To give the square-faced shape some edge, Johnny Depp chooses to sport a little amount of hair on his chin with patches of hair extending towards his jawline. This goatee beard style paired with a mustache makes Johnny stand out among his peers. The goatee beard style goes with most face shapes, except the rectangular ones. It does not require much looking after and can be maintained with minimal resources. Although a goatee looks best coupled with a mustache, you can also choose to go only with the beard.

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