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Top 5 Tips to Improve your body language

12 Mar 2018

Improve your body language with these tips

If you are working hard to crack your job interview or to make a lasting impression for your presentation, you might prioritize to work aggressively on content, audience, technical know-how, and other such factors. However, there is yet another factor which stands significantly as you prepare for interviews and presentations. It is none other than your body language. The body language forms a significant tool for non-verbal communication.

 1. Body Posture: Ensure you face interview with a right posture.This is because your body communicates a message from your posture by conveying your interest/disinterest. You should always sit/stand with a right posture which is neither too relaxed nor too rigid. You will feel confident with a right posture.

2. Proper Eye Contact: Maintain a right eye contact as you deliver your presentation or sit for an interview. Basically, eye contact is reported when two people look at each other’s eyes simultaneously. This forms a non-verbal communication which makes a difference in one’s social behavior. If you are addressing an audience without making right eye contact, your audience will definitely be feeling ignored. Research confirms that one can develop trust and confidence by making eye contacts during conversations.

3. Don’t Fiddle with Anything: Many times, it is seen that people start fiddling with anything in their hand when they are trying to make an effort to strike a conversation with people informal meetings. Basically, people get into fiddling when they are nervous. Although they may not notice it, people around them can easily notice their restlessness due to which they are fiddling with pen, keys etc. Meanwhile, this problem can be fought back with continuous practice and monitoring.

4. Don’t Make Faces: The facial expressions to make a long-lasting impression on your interviewers. It can also make your interaction successful during presentations. Many people are habitual of making facial expressions that can spoil the mood of another person while building your negative image. So try to make pleasing expressions to build a right impression.

5. Learn to Smile: Smiling is always considered as a welcoming the sign which gives a pleasing experience to your interviewers and audience. It can help in starting a strong conversation. While a good the smile never comes with any price tag but it surely brings in value to your face.

Once you follow all these points in mind, you will definitely create a long-lasting impression. Your body language will help you win all hearts as you appear for interviews and presentations.