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22 May 2020

We know how COVID-19 has affected our lives, don’t we? It’s been more than 50 days we’re still locked down, doesn’t it seem like work from home is the next big thing in the coming decade? Well yes! And we can’t deny the fact that working from home is not something we’re used too, hence facing a lot of problems. But lets face it that it is a new normal. Though working from home could be a dream come true for the people who don’t really appreciate the idea of waking up early and getting ready, we tend to face time management issues, less productivity, the feeling of laziness, getting distractions and what not.

With that comes another big issue which a lot of people might think as a challenge, how to look and appear professional during video calls and make an impact on your fellow colleagues. Not to worry, we’re here with a list of do’s and don’ts to make it easy for you!

In todays time and age it has become imperative to give formal and official impressions even from zoom or google meet online platforms just the way we use to do when we use to attend our important meetings in person. People are judging us even when we are working from home and we should not take our appearance and conduct in a casual way at all.

What we see is the only impact we get and we give, hence it comes under 


pre-meetings & we need a bit of preparations before we actually go into our online meetings or conferences. This will come very handy to people with corporate settings especially!

  • Dress Etiquette For Online Meetings
  • Personal Grooming
  • Camera Settings
  • Body Language
  • Background And Ambience


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